How To Install OTT Platinum on Firestick & Android TV

1. On the Home screen of your device, hover on the Find button and click on the Search bar.


2. Search for and select Downloader


3. Select the Downloader app


4. Click Download or Get


5. The app will install


6. You will see the message Downloader Ready to Launch! Do not launch yet.


7. Return to the Home screen. Select settings and click My Fire TV


8. If Developer Options is not visible, click About. If Developer Options is available, skip to 10


9. Hover over Fire TV Stick and click the OK button on your remote 7 times to enable Developer. Click the back button.


10. Selecct Developer Options


11. Click on Install Unknown Apps


12. Find the Downloader app and click it


 13. This will turn Unknown Sources to On for the Downloader app and enable side-loading on your device


 14. Launch the Downloader app


15. Hover over the URL bar and click the select button on your remote


16. Type the code XXXXXXX and click go






6. Enter any name in the first field. This is used to identify the account. Enter your username and password and click ‘ADD USER’.



7. This is your Home screen. Click Download on each panel to update the channels.